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Who is the elect and can they be deceived? Matthew 24:24.

This thought process was initiated by Pastor Jack Hibbs’ comments that we have been taught incorrectly, and how Matthew 24:24 conveys the idea that it is impossible for the elect to be deceived. I cannot accept that as a true … Continue reading

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Watch “When the Times of the Gentiles Expires – Amir Tsarfati” on YouTube

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Christ the Hope of Jews and Gentiles, Romans 15: 8-13.

Christ the Hope of Jews and Gentiles When we closed our last post, we were counseled to welcome others, just as the Messiah has welcomed us. God nor Paul have changed their minds, and so we continue with Romans chapter … Continue reading

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I have had to rethink my position.

This statement, “after the 144,000 are slain,” prompted me to look intently, once again, at the scriptures surrounding our introduction to these young men, and what appears to be their demise. We are introduced to the 144,000 in Revelation 7, where we are told what tribes they come from, and that they are sealed. This sealing, which we see in Revelation 7:3, tells us that they are sealed to protect them from the “hurt,” which is about to come upon the earth. This hurt is directed at the earth, the sea, and the trees. The problem is that we assume that this grants them immunity from harm and death throughout the time of wrath; as we will see, it does not. Continue reading

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God’s sovereign choice. Romans 9: 1-14. Part one of two.

That simplistic word glory, which the CJB translated as “Sh’khinah,” is the Greek word doxa and conveys splendor, brightness, magnificence, excellence, preeminence, dignity, grace, and majesty. All these things, though difficult to see, emanated within all these ways set before God’s people. Continue reading

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My people behave like an enemy. Micah 2:8-12.

Seeing as the Assyrians and Babylonians will soon take everyone captive or kill them, inheritance is somewhat of a moot point; unless there is that one person that remembers that God promised His people the land of Canaan. Continue reading

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The Lord knows how to deliver the Godly.

A word study on the phrase “the day of the Lord” landed me here in 2Peter. 2 Peter 2:9-10 AMP Now if [all these things are true, then be sure] the Lord knows how to rescue the godly out of … Continue reading

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Signs that we are to watch for regarding His coming.

Somewhat based upon Pastor Chuck’s blog. Luke 21:6,7 As to these things which ye are beholding, days are coming in which there shall not be left stone upon stone which shall not be thrown down. And they asked him saying, … Continue reading

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