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I have had to rethink my position.

This statement, “after the 144,000 are slain,” prompted me to look intently, once again, at the scriptures surrounding our introduction to these young men, and what appears to be their demise. We are introduced to the 144,000 in Revelation 7, where we are told what tribes they come from, and that they are sealed. This sealing, which we see in Revelation 7:3, tells us that they are sealed to protect them from the “hurt,” which is about to come upon the earth. This hurt is directed at the earth, the sea, and the trees. The problem is that we assume that this grants them immunity from harm and death throughout the time of wrath; as we will see, it does not. Continue reading

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“a god whom his fathers did not know” Daniel 11:34-45 , a commentary.

This is the area that has no direct correlation with History. It is also the darkest waters as most assign things like worshipping, “a god whom his fathers did not know,” to the most unusual of theories. If I consider … Continue reading

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The Millennial kingdom – Who are all these people?

If you read my blogs then you know that much of what I write is what I grapple with. Here goes another one. Let’s assume a scenario; I just happen to think (based upon what I see in scripture) this … Continue reading

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