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The evidence was so substantial that it .. Galatians 1:12-24

It almost seemed deceptive titling my last post, β€œIt was not of man.” Having become carried away with verse eleven and never really covering the subject; I had to cut it short in hopes of keeping your attention. But, there … Continue reading

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It is not according to man. Galatians 1:11

Months ago, buried deep in the books of Daniel, Matthew, and Revelation, I began to feel the desire to go back to the richness of Paul’s letters. In all honesty, I love God’s word, but when I think about the … Continue reading

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Galatians 1:2-5. To settle all claims against him and to designate where he obtained this information on grace on mercy.

In verse one of this letter to the Galatians, we have Paul introducing himself. In so doing he spells out with one word, that he was sent by, and is a messenger of Jesus Christ and God the Father. That … Continue reading

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A study on Galatians, chapter 1:1. Now the truth, I have to ask myself? Am I doing this for me, or for some vindictive pastor who can see no good in me?

To a people who may have realized they were entrapped by man’s laws, this message of grace and mercy was a Godsend. If you heard Paul’s words and allowed them to change you, how could you, or would you go back to the bondage that man and his hierarchy bring? Continue reading

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