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Considering that it is the Christmas season, I chose to do a character study on Joseph.

It doesn’t feel like I have time, but I want to do a character study on Joseph, the man who married Mary, the mother of Jesus. Let’s set something straight right off the bat.  Although Mary is considered the mother … Continue reading

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Flying directly overhead. Revelation 14: 6,7

I had a discussion with a friend and I spoke to him about how there was nothing to prevent the Lord from coming back to remove his church from the earth. He vehemently argued that the gospel had not been … Continue reading

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On finding the character of Jesus – Matthew chapter 1

There was a time, when after spending most of my life in church, that I felt like I had heard every story or read it. For several years I could not stand the thought of opening my bible; that made … Continue reading

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It always re-creates a visual image in me.

We went to our church Christmas spectacular. Beautiful voices, entertainment and interesting videos to coincide, but the part that got me was what I could hear of this passage from the bible. An aspect of  this passage is that it … Continue reading

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