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A study on Galatians, chapter 1:1. Now the truth, I have to ask myself? Am I doing this for me, or for some vindictive pastor who can see no good in me?

To a people who may have realized they were entrapped by man’s laws, this message of grace and mercy was a Godsend. If you heard Paul’s words and allowed them to change you, how could you, or would you go back to the bondage that man and his hierarchy bring? Continue reading

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My notes as I prepared to teach on the Discipline of Fasting by Richard Foster.

I had been asked by my pastor to teach a couple of sessions out of one of the books from which he was yet to pick. When he named off the potential authors, I cringed internally as my pastor can … Continue reading

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A typical question from my Sunday morning adult study.

I am not a college trained theologian, I just use my brain, what I have left of it, and I think. As a friend said recently, “I am a Berean.” I guess that might imply that he is also from … Continue reading

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Having lived through my fair share of hell fire preaching.

Having lived through my fair share of hell fire and brimstone preaching, I do not find it attractive nor are people drawn to it. One of my family members chooses to believe that a good God would not punish people. … Continue reading

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What does it mean to say Merry Christmas?

My days off are split but I am learning to live with it. I suppose that means no overnight trips into the desert to view the night sky, something I have not seen in over thirty years. But it would … Continue reading

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