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I got a message from a friend that I needed to address.

I received a message, which read sort of like this – I say sort of because I had to make it legible. “I told some people that Jesus fights two battles, one by himself, and then Armageddon.” These people responded … Continue reading

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The Second Coming of Babylon. A critique of Mark Hitchcock’s book.

Some time ago I bought a book called, The Second Coming Of Babylon, by Mark Hitchcock. I bought it with the hope that he might bring some explanation, but, as with most things, I do my good intentions got set … Continue reading

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Are there female angels? A brief interlude from the Daniel commentaries.

emale Angels? Are you serious? A brother recently shared with us an occurrence where he told someone that there were female angels, and he used this passage Zechariah 5:9 to prove his statement. Zechariah 5:9 NASB Then I lifted up … Continue reading

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