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“He will speak out against the Most High and wear down the saints,” is this speaking of the Antichrist?

Recently, Joel Richardson, the author of The Islamic Antichrist; The Mideast Beast; When a Jew rules the World, and a few others, posted a true or false question on his twitter account. This is a close approximation of what he … Continue reading

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Why would a shy introvert have such a craving to teach?

Not that long ago I got set up for a trap by my pastor. I was taken to lunch under the premise of talking about a study I was to lead, but, his plan had everything to do with challenging … Continue reading

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Daniel 11, the rise of the kings of the North and South. Verses 5-16.

Alexander is dead and now we have four generals struggling for power. At the end of this power struggle, two will remain, but one seems to take central focus as it integrates the Assyrian empires, and has interactions with the Roman … Continue reading

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This guy forces the whole earth to bow. Revelation 13:12

While the focus is really on the character of the second beast, it is good to know where he came from, and so I include verse 11. In verse eleven this second person comes out of the same region as … Continue reading

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“How do you kill 11 Million people?” You lie to them.

I was asked for my thoughts on the book, “How do you kill 11 Million people?” The answer, of course is laid out there in the book, so I suppose the real question is, do I agree with the authors … Continue reading

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