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Keep these things before them. 1 Timothy 4:6-16

The NASB, and a few other translations, entitle this next section, A Good Servant of Jesus Christ. Understand that this letter is addressed to the young Timothy for the purpose of giving him instructions to be an outstanding pastor. Since … Continue reading

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Paul ends his letter to the church in Rome with a validation. Romans 16.

Paul ends this journey through his letter to the church in Rome with what the NASB calls: Personal Greetings. It is so much more than that. Romans 16:1-2 [CEV]  I have good things to say about Phoebe, who is a … Continue reading

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I shall be blessed by the will of God to come to you. Romans 1:8-12.

When I was young, I rarely found a trek through the Bible interesting. I suppose that had more to do with the person who was doing the teaching and their personality. I often find my character to be a bit … Continue reading

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