A deception that no one would have seen coming.

Islam is looking for a Jesus as well.

I wrote this post in 2017 (here I am in 2022, editing and adding clarifying information). Two years passed, and I was still struggling to comprehend this, just like everyone else. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit saw fit to put Glenn Beck (he used to be a commentator on Fox news and now has his own internet show) before my eyes. Glenn had the author Joel Richardson on the show, comparing Jesus to Islam’s Mahdi. To say the least, I was stunned, as NO ONE had ever spoken about these things as Joel did. Within minutes I ordered Joel’s book, The Islamic Antichrist, and began devouring the information there; it changed everything for me.

Now you can see how you have to, on occasion, humble yourself to learn, and honestly, how many of you would have thought to consider what a Muslim believed?

The false prophet, although they do not call him that

  • Will be a Jew of the ancestry of Aaron and therefore allowed to be a priest

  • He will declare himself to be a Muslim, 

  • He Bow (submit) to the Mahdi (the Antichrist), 

  • And he will do significant signs like calling fire down from heaven, raising the dead, and causing it to rain again. 

Although all these things sound ridiculous and improbable, they will happen. 

All this will cause many to turn from God and follow this second beast. The fact that Jesus needed to say, “see to it that no one misleads you,” indicates that SOME will be misled. In one case, we are warned that even the elect will be deceived. Who is the elect in a book centered upon the Jewish nation? The Jewish religious leadership. 

Why should some of you have a problem with this information about Islam?

Because the Bible does NOT explicitly say this will happen. 

As a brother in Christ once said, I refuse to be concerned with extra-Biblical literature. I responded with, it’s fascinating that you would say that because you are already steeped in traditions of men, which are based in extra-biblical information. For example, we say that Jesus was a carpenter when the assertion was made by Jewish religious zealots, not to Jesus but about his father, Joseph. What makes this worse is that they DID NOT call Joseph a carpenter; they called him a tekton, the same word they were now using to demean Jesus. The Greek word tekton means an artisan and could even apply to poets or an artisan who works with granite. 

A recent (2020) archaeological find on the outskirts of Nazareth demonstrated that tektons worked there and that they had been making granite bowls, cups, and water pots.

That’s great, the man responded, but what does that have to do with me not accepting extra-biblical information?

An archaeological dig would undoubtedly fall under the category of extra-biblical, but tie that information to the first miracle that Jesus performed publicly, turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana, and you have some monumental information that could shake your attitude toward extra-biblical knowledge. 

Did you ever consider that Jesus, a Jew, would have been familiar with Jewish ritual cleansing rules; yet, He sent the servants, of which we know nothing and can therefore assume that they were gentiles, to go and fill the vessels with water. Just because they were not Jews, Gentiles would have been unclean, and having them touch the “ritual cleansing vessels,” typically, pottery would have contaminated the pots, and they would have only one recourse, which was to destroy the expensive water pots. Even if the servants were Jewish, there would have been some point at which they touched those vessels, and yet, NO ONE raised an uproar, and you had to know that there were religious leaders at this wedding. 

What makes this significant is that apparently Jesus the tekton probably knew that the cleansing vessels were made of granite and NOT subject to Jewish cleansing laws because He had made those very vessels. Of course, we do not know this either.

Here is a peculiarity that no one has ever mentioned before. Several years before this wedding, an enterprising Jewish businessman was reading about the purification laws in Deuteronomy and realized that the Biblical specifications said nothing about granite. The logical assumption then was that God perceived granite to be permanently clean, and this piece of information was presented before the Jewish elders. They thought this was a great revelation and approved the usage of granite wholeheartedly. 

Why do you suppose that no concern about purification was shown at any point, and doesn’t the lack of concern catch your attention?

Odd, isn’t it? Perhaps Jesus knew all about this because He, being a tekton – an artisan – a craftsman – a stone mason, and had made these pots himself? But, of course, we don’t know any of that, yet we accept many things like this that are extra-biblical, and you don’t even blink an eye. 

But, if I tell you that Islam has their own set of prophecies, which conflict with scripture and are in direct conflict with Christian beliefs, and you feel comfortable rejecting that understanding without even thinking about it and continue wallowing in your unbelief and misdirection; then perhaps you are the one that is deceived.

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