You have done and said things!

This was written, and I attempted to post it on Sunday, 1/15/12, but either the internet, or WordPress was having an issue so I am  putting it up today. While some might say that the Lord did not want you to post it, another might say, that Satan did not want it posted. Roadblocks just tend to make me more determined, and beside, you either have faith or not, and I have faith that I heard God’s voice, and he told me that he wanted me to put this up. So, buckle up and hang on.

Sunday morning, and I am having a tremendous battle with depression. I did not sleep well, and had dreams that included stressful people in my life to add to it. I brought this on myself. Still, I got myself ready to go to church.

I have thought about being here, at this church, everyday since I learned that I would have the day off. What I love about this place is their heart for worship and the spiritual freedoms I find or should I say found here. (To be perfectly honest, I could go without most sermons.) At this place though, worship always gets my batteries recharged.

That being said, the depression like feelings were overwhelming this morning. I was there, but not in any mood to take part. Just the fact that I came should prove my willingness to allow God to bring about some form of healing in me.

Two things happened this morning in worship:

  • During worship I suddenly got quiet. At that moment the Spirit began to speak to me – I will elaborate in a moment.
  • The other thing is that someone, on stage, said, “nothing can separate you from the love of God.” Although that statement may be something that I am keenly aware of, (it has been a while since I dove into Romans.) and so remarkable that it should be a part of my everyday thinking, it did not cross my mind. Even if it had, would it have had the same effect prior to that moment?

As I stood in worship this Word began to come to me.

 “You have done and said things that caused great devastation, not only to those around you, but to your mind and spirit as well.”

 At this moment there are those that can totally relate to what I just said, and I feel that I am compelled to remind you, Nothing can separate you from the Love of God. I truly felt that this is what I was supposed to post.

As I stood hearing this, I said, “Lord my anger has surely driven people from you and made me look like a fool.”

As the Spirit replied, in my spirit I saw Peter in the garden that night slicing off the man’s ear.1 God said to me,

in your time they call that attempted murder, and at the least assault, which carries a hefty prison term. Was I able to take care of that situation?

 Of course my answer was yes.

 “Then give me the opportunity to take care of this, as well. As for those you feel you have chased away. They are in my hands and are not your concern. The choices they make about me are theirs alone.”

 “There is nothing to difficult for me.”2

 As he continued, he said,

“just as management asked you to not be angrily involved with that other employee, and you did that. I want you to remember how relaxed you became once you realized that someone else was in control and you did not have to worry about him anymore.
I am asking you now to no longer respond in anger, regardless of the situation, for there is no situation that I do not have a firm grip on the outcome. I am asking you to relax, listen to my voice inside of you, respond according to the voice of faith that I know you hear.

 There is no situation that I will not step into on your behalf! There is nothing that prevents you from calling upon my name; as you do you get to relax and watch the mediator do what he does best; you will be stunned. I am telling you this because of my deep love for you, and the fact that my approach is close at hand.

 The onslaughts are going to come with the purpose of distracting you from me, and the path that I have put you on. I urge to be awake and watch for me.

 Listen for the trumpet blast, you will hear it.

 Many will read this and scoff. To those I say, sleep on. I will know where your allegiance lies. No man will be denied my life and presence who calls upon my name.”

Allow me to explain something to you. When I get a word from the Lord, it seems that I sometimes only get two or three words. Sometimes it is an impression of some need. Occasionally, I am just told to go and be obedient and He fills in the blanks. Although much of what I received was at church this morning, during a time when I tend to be listening best, I was not in the best place to write this down. So let’s just say that some time passes and now you have the opportunity to recollect what was said.

One of my greatest desires would be to give the word exactly as I heard it, with clarity, and emotion, but in truth, much of that emotion is me.

If you are going to analyze the prophetic then you must remember that God uses people, and there is not a one of them that are not broken; some are retrained under the masters hand, but still broken, so there is always a measure of humanness involved.

These broken people are the same ones that God used to convey this book we call the bible. An example: God told Jonah to convey a message to Nineveh. If you will read the book you will see that Jonah’s brokenness got involved, for he says, “even when you told me to go, I knew you would be merciful to them.”

What is the problem with that? Nothing, mercy is a good thing, and thankfully God showed mercy on all of us, by having Christ shed his blood for us, but Jonah had some strong motivations to see these people dead, and was probably rooting for it.

I will tell you then that after I left church this morning, I drove for almost an hour, and stopped to eat. There I pulled out the pad and started transcribing what I remembered, and what he was now telling me as I wrote.

If you have not read any of my writings then you may not know my background, or should I say, heart. I was a young man when through combination of factors, I felt that God called me to be a prophet. In my mind’s eye I feel that God has called me to bolster staggering believers, those who may not even feel like believers, and those who are asleep. While this calling aspect may have happened over 30+ years ago I ran from it.

Now why would I do that? Well, for one, most folks, like many of you, balk at the idea. And some can be down right mean.

About seven years ago I made a foray into giving words that I felt were from the Lord publicly. While most were received well, there was a learning curve involved (I guess), and the last time I was really loud. Some took that to mean that God was mad at them, and they complained. (God will speak to you in a way that you understand. If he snaps at you to get your attention, then you would be wise to think of him as a Father that is correcting you, and nothing more. I would recommend a positive response from you, should he speak to you like that, because he is in all likelihood trying to save your life from some non-sense.) Anyway, the complaints got me shut down by the pastor that had originally encouraged me. What an odd world, but money talks.

There is a point to this. God is calling me back again, and if he tells me to put a word from the Spirit on the blog, then I must trust that he is speaking to someone directly. To be more direct, as I was receiving this word this morning, not only was I the target, but a brother that recently found my blog, who lives in Greece, was heavily upon my heart. I could see your face “lizam”.

Father, I ask now in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son, who gladly offered himself up in our behalf, to step into the life of my Athenian brother. I do not know how bad off he is now, but I am asking you Father to touch his body, his soul, his mind, and his pocket-book. Help him, heal him, and cover his bills. Father there are so many of us that struggle with anger, because this world is not a perfect place and we are broken. Remind those that read this that you love them deeply, with an everlasting love, and that you have already proved your love for them on the cross. Make Jesus Christ and the power of his name real to them, and give them an insatiable desire for your word. Father if all they have for your word is my blog, then cause even the simplest passage that I put on here, bring a light into their life that is able to shine through to someone else. Father I ask that my words become something that they can use on a daily basis. I this is you Father then bring those to this place that need to hear you. Grow inside of them like some kind of dynamo. As it spins, it creates more energy, and that energy is your life inside of them. Father, I ask that you fill their minds and hearts with visions of your glory, and if they do not know hook them now, and pull on them, until they find a believer to tell them about the Love that I have found in you.

The Spirit and the bride say come!3 Behold, he is at the door4. Awaken and watch for his coming. I long so much for you to be there, and not have to go through the tribulation that is coming. Look around you, and you can see the devastation approaching. Some already have it at their doorstep, and we need to pray God’s protection over them when ever possible.

Those who have a heart for him will come.

1John 18:10 Then Simon Peter having a sword drew it, and smote the high priest’s servant, and cut off his right ear.

2Jeremiah 32:17 there is nothing too hard for thee:

3Revelation 22:17 BBE And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him who gives ear, say, Come. And let him who is in need come; and let everyone desiring it take of the water of life freely.

4Revelation 3:20 KJV Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

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3 Responses to You have done and said things!

  1. Lisam says:

    i left a message, don’t know if it went through. Just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your post-powerful. I can relate to everything you spoke of- including the computer and wordpress not working. The Lord is teaching me the same message. Humbling-yes, but I’m thankful He shows me what to change or I’d think I was super sister christian. Thanks for sharing and for you determination. May your words and your life be a bright light in this world.


    • remso says:

      When I hear and see the hearts of others out there, that God has made righteous, taking a beating too, it breaks my heart. I am so glad you responded. You demonstrate the heart of the Father by showing his love through your words.

      Revelation 19:10 .. for the testimony of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy.
      Go in the grace and mercy of God


  2. Noel Williams says:

    Ozzie, the enemy comes in all different form. Therefore, you have to be on guard at all times. Never allow the enemy to steal your joy, and never let the enemy see you upset. Whenever the enemy try to break you, just give him a kind word. Proverbs 15:1 says “A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.”

    Bless those who curse and love those who hate you.

    Thanks for sharing. Stay strong. God bless.


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