So, we have had our elections, but anxiety could easily overtake us.

So, we’ve had our elections, and as of Wednesday morning 11/4/2020, we are deeply entrenched in the voting scandals we expected. I have been seeing the 96-mile long vehicle rallies for Trump, the crowds of people who attend the political rallies for Trump, and, I have seen the rallies for Biden/Harris and there is hardly anyone there. Come Tuesday night, about 9:30 P.M. I had to turn off the reports as the anxiety could have easily overwhelmed me. I literally heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “Turn it off and relax; I have got this under control.” Ah, therein the problem lies because what we perceive as being under control is defined by how my head wants this situation to play itself out.

Now, this election may still play itself out according to my hopes, and an example came from my Pastor, Jack Hibbs, as I listened this Thursday afternoon 11/5/2020, to Pastor Jack’s Wednesday night service, where he spoke about God being in control and the real anxiety that many of us feel. Pastor Jack asked the audience to take out their phones and look up “138,000 votes.” Yes, that’s right, 138,000 votes got turned to Pennsylvania’s election headquarters at 7:30 on Wednesday morning, and every one of those votes was for Joe Biden. That, for Biden, became the game-changer, as far as Pennsylvania was concerned. Immediately, the head that understands a common-sense world should have thought, that is impossible. And still, the fight goes on.

Now, just because you have faith, pour your little heart out to God, and listen to level headed speakers that deliver a clear message giving you educated reasons to NOT vote for a particular candidate, does not mean your man will get elected.

If that is the case what are we going to do?

One of the phrases that we hear in religious circles is to occupy. The terminology often has much to do with the reasons why we don’t need to know the exact day of the Lord’s return, and that is because most of us are lazy and we will do 101 things other than stay focused and ready for the Lord’s return, most of which are in opposition to God,

The word occupy shows up in Luke 19:12-13 KJV

He said, therefore, A certain nobleman went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom, and to return. (13) And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come.”

If you read this from the NASB, it reads like this.

Luke 19:13b NASB “…, ‘Do business with this until I come back.’

Note the italicized words. Those were added to gain clarity. In reality, much like the KJV, we are to do business until he comes; no matter when that happens. To put this into common language, keep doing what you know to do until He comes back.

How many of you have been paying attention, not only to Bill Gates, but to Dr. Fauci, and other representatives of the World Economic Forum. This COVID 19 virus was their creation, with the specific purpose of bringing in a Global reset, a reduction in population, a global monetary system, and your subservience. Yes, this is all true, and if you are still reluctant to believe such things look at the Draconian measures New Zealand is already ascribing to. Canada and the United Kingdom, are right behind New Zealand. The mask you wear has no effectiveness against a 3 micron Covid molecule, and therefore must have some other purpose; and it does, as it is meant to control and bring the populace under submission. Can you do anything without your mask on?

Since I still have a church I can attend, I will continue to do so; and I will do until “they” lock and chain the doors, at which point every person I come in contact with becomes my church, my mission field, and my reason for living.

All that stuff about the World Economic Forum only works if people of power act in unison; and this is exactly what former Vice President, now Presidential candidate is doing when he states, “on day one of my Presidency, there will be a mandatory national mask mandate.” He is telling you, you will comply. All the subtle talk about Socialism is very much the purpose of the New World Order.

You can be like my stepdaughter and tell me, I don’t believe that will happen, she is saying this in response to my telling her that Canada will incarcerate if you do not comply with the rapidly coming COVID 19 vaccination program. Much like New Zealand, refusal will make you a lawbreaker within your own home as by your refusal to be vaccinated you are endangering your household, and you will be incarcerated until you comply. To people like my stepdaughter, that refuse to contemplate such things happening, I say, you just go on living in your pastel-colored world, regardless of the fact that in many cities the streets are turning from pastel to blood red at the hands of fascist rioters; and soon, at the hand of Muslim enforcers of Sharia law, as they take over cities and make them no go zones, much like has happened in England. The reality is that this level of horror is happening as we speak and will only amplify. BLM Inc. and Antifa, have a dedicated purpose and goal to burn down our cities.

Did you know that a well-known prophecy in the Quran, is that the Mahdi (Christianities Antichrist,) will only come in the midst of chaos?

Joe Biden has recently been quoting from the Quran and is an advocate of Sharia law in our streets.

So, now, let me ask you, how much civilized time do you think we have left on the streets of America?

If you can even come close to answering that question, it is because you have a logical mind, can see the handwriting on the wall, and have inspiration from the Holy Spirit. Perhaps, if you cannot say, that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior, then maybe you should move quickly to fix that. He, Jesus, moves very quickly into the lives of those who call upon His name.

Jesus is coming soon.

How do I know that?

  1. My mind takes a logical path as I look through scripture and look at what is happening in the world.

    One does not have to be prophetic to see and understand these things, but the Bible tells us it is a great mystery and that the god of this world has blinded the eyes of most of you so that you cannot see it. Many of you think that the Presidential re-election of Donald Trump is a joke. Let me tell who the joker is. He is Satan – and he does not deserve to be referred to in the upper case; and, he is the great deceiver. Want proof.


    Revelation 12:9 NASB And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.

    There are others with him. How many angels came to earth with him? If you could take an uncountable number, and then take a third of that number, that is how many angels bought into his mutiny and fell with him. In other words, there are enough to have one assigned to each of us. Don’t let that bother you too much, as there are twice as many that are assigned as our personal bodyguards by the Father.

  2. If you noticed, at the very beginning of this post, I said, “I heard the Holy Spirit say.

    This voice is the activity of the comforter, which Jesus said He would send when He left the earth and returned to the Father; but it is also an aspect of the prophetic.

    Anyone, if they choose to listen to God’s voice, can and will hear the voice of the Holy Spirit.

    In trying to explain this process I tell people that it often seems like one of the many voices I have in my head. Don’t look at me like I am crazy, we all have voices in our heads, some sound like an abusive, or manipulative person in your life, while at other times it sounds like the wisdom of my wife.

    When the Holy Spirit speaks, I, more often than not, have no problem distinguishing whose voice it is, as He never leads me to anything but the truth. Truth, by the way, comes from the established Word of God.

    So, immediately, upon beginning to write these words, knew that many, even those who align themselves with some religion, would say, your words are false and made up, as no one needs to speak as a prophet any more because we have the Word of God. That is all well and good I suppose, but the fact that you can say something that narrow-minded demonstrates that you don’t read, or know, the Word of God, nor does Jesus dwell within you.

With all that said, I need to tell you a story.

Mom has been gone almost two years now. We had already seen the symptoms of pancreatic cancer, but we did not know it, nor did mom. A part of the problem with the detection of serious issues comes from the hard hardheadedness of the patient as many don’t want to admit they are in distress and therefore do not get early or appropriate help from the Doctor. The other problem comes from the medical facilities that don’t see the necessity to spend the money necessary to ascertain what the problem is; therefore, things like pancreatic cancer go undetected until they are at stage four and beyond practical treatment.

2018 was a mess. Dad had been dealing with diabetic neuropathy for several years, and he was sure that a nerve pinch was a cause of all his problems; that was not the case and the doctors found a cancerous brain tumor about the size of a tamale and had to remove it. We did not know if he would be able to walk again, and we had to have the bathroom remodeled in case dad would be wheelchair-bound – that process took several months, and caused a tremendous amount of emotional strain. Dad had also been having emotional meltdowns, telling us that he was going to die in surgery; these meltdowns continued even after, in recovery in a sister’s home as they waited for the remodel to get done. He struggled with his new, but temporary disabilities and refused to use the wheelchair. Now, here is where the Holy Spirit begins to kick in hard. On multiple occasions, I had told Dad, and other family members, that he will be fine.

In the meantime, mom is dying, although we have no definitive information about that diagnosis. In early January of 2019, Dad demanded that he be put back in his house. Shortly thereafter, mom begins having issues with what she simply calls, old lady problems. Dad refuses to have the Doctor do a biopsy, and so the Doctor doing the best he could, told mom and dad, that in all likelihood she has pancreatic cancer. I have never seen anyone come back from pancreatic cancer. Several of us spent some time in the faith movement – many aspects are good, such as reading God’s Word, but the negative side of this movement shows it’s ugly head when you try to bully your way through God and people. Some of my family members still lean in this direction. I told the other family members that mom would be gone within six months. Nobody wanted to hear that, and thus began the barrage of angry faith statements, like she will live forever.

How did I know that mom would die?

I heard a voice; I trust in God, and I lean heavily upon the Holy Spirit to guide me. If it were not for the Holy Spirit, I would be floundering, especially in the current situations.

Dad insisted that mom continue doing their somewhat normal routine, and they would go to church on Sunday nights, and almost every night they would go meet some friends at a local restaurant. Remember what that is like? My wife and I would join them on occasions, and I often saw my mother shed a tear because of the pain she was in. In early February, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me, “you need to go say goodbye to your mother.” It was clear and did not seem like a suggestion, and so my wife and I went. Saying goodbye, and telling her, if you want to go home to be with Jesus, it’s okay. You have done your job well and we are all going to be okay. All of us know the Lord.

I left that night and immediately sent a message to my brother who lives the farthest away, up the hill. I told him, the Holy Spirit just told me that mom would be dead before the week is out and that he needed to get down here right away. He showed up the next day and had communion with mom, and also said his goodbyes. That brother told me a short time later, that they all laughed me to scorn, but yet he came. I said my goodbyes on Monday and mom took her last breath here on earth Sunday morning. She, because she knew that dad would want to go to church, was up and dressed that Sunday morning. Dad, not believing that she was even out of bed, called to her to check on her status. She answered him and moments later let out a scream of pain. She immediately went back to bed, ready for church, and was dead just a few hours later, dancing in the arms of Jesus.

Several months went by when dad says to me, your brother told me that you knew when mom would die. I simply replied, yes. He responded to that by saying, has God told you anything about me? God had, but I did not want to tell him as dad was in an emotionally fragile state.

So, am I a prophet? I used to think it would be very cool to have a superhero type of role, perhaps then I would get respect – something I have never felt. My imagery of prophets came from guys like Samuel and Elijah. Samuel hacked up King Agag, and Elijah called fire down from heaven. Pretty cool, huh? But acting out like Samuel will get you thrown into prison, and Jesus told his disciples that calling fire down from heaven, was not their mission; so I guess that’s out.

But here is the scriptural reality, when I was about 23, I committed my life once again to Jesus Christ. I had a dream/vision one night. It was so real that I still have difficulty explaining to people that it was a dream. In that dream, Jesus stood at the end of my bed and laid out my life before me. I thought I should write this down, but I did not because it was so vivid and I thought I would never forget what had been said to me. Well, guess what, by morning I forgot every word. I do remember that He had been there and told me my entire life. I remember being filled with joy. Now, the truth is, I have lived most of my life, AND, it has NOT all been good. To the best of my understanding, there is something more to come and it should be fantastic.

So, after that dream life went on. Within a couple of years, I got married to a girl I met in church – they told me, go to church and get a good woman. Ha, she cheated on me twice. Do you get the general idea that life went south on me real quick? A few years passed and I got married again. This time I destroyed the relationship, and finally, I have been involved in this current relationship for over twenty years and we have been married for the last four of those years. No, life has been rough, and my dream of being a bible teacher has only been fulfilled by putting my life up on the internet for you to see.

One day, I was reading how Moses’ brother and sister, attempted a mutiny. They said, what makes you think God speaks to you alone. You can find this story in the book of Numbers chapter 12. God defined a prophet during this process with this verse.

Numbers 12:6 NASB He said, “Hear now My words: If there is a prophet among you, I, the LORD, shall make Myself known to him in a vision. I shall speak with him in a dream.

After reading this passage, I asked the Lord, does that mean I too am a prophet? To which he said yes. To be honest, I have never figured out what that means as I think most of these so-called prophets are frauds, just trying to make a dollar. God has spoken to me, and one of the things He keeps telling me is that He is coming back soon, but then, He is saying that too many people. Maybe He means it.


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