A call to prayer.

As I sat at dinner with some old friends, (they are both Christians) the Lord spoke to me and said, “Tell people to pray for the Muslims. I will invade their dreams with visions of Jesus Christ, the Messiah as you pray, and droves of them will come to me as they seek out those who know me.

This is critical right now for hatred will arise against the Muslims because of this act of terrorism and will merely fuel a level of violence coming from Islam that will surpass anything you have seen as yet.


Father, in the name of your risen Son, Jesus Christ, I ask Lord that you speak to the hearts and minds of the Muslim throughout the world. I ask you invade their dreams and give them visions of you. Make yourself real to them and show them where to go and who to talk to so that they will obtain the life in Christ that you desire for them. I thank you Lord for sending your Son Jesus Christ for in so doing he demonstrated your love for the world. Bring them in Lord for time is short.


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3 Responses to A call to prayer.

  1. Pete Rambo says:

    Indeed!! Something like 50% of all Muslims who come out of that covenant with death, do so as a result of a messianic vision of one sort or another. Many claim a personal visitation of Yeshua!!

    Somewhere, I read 600,000 a year in the last couple years… Huge numbers. Shockingly so!


  2. We hear many amazing accounts of Muslim coming to know the Lord, many of them through dreams. Praise God! Time is running out and we need to pray earnestly for all who do not know Him.

    We are one day closer!


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