FEMA in America – You need to be paying attention!

Just scan through some of the Presidential orders listed. The question has been asked, repeatedly, where is America in end times?

Islam does not have to be the global threat, beheading Christians, America is willing to take that role.

When will this take place? Probably within seconds after the Church is snatched off this earth. Did you ever think about how many people might be gone in that moment?

The disappearance of that many people will trigger off Martial Law. Why would that be a problem for those that are gone? It is not, but Matthew 25 tells us that 50% of the church, invited to the wedding will not be ready. It will impact them.

If you are outspoken about anything, you are considered a terrorist. My cultic friends, following the Mormon or Jehovah Witness religions. You are considered outspoken.

If you are asked to deny Christ or die, what will you do? I implore to not deny Him. To do so will seal your fate.

Really, what you are doing at the point of denial is following your master, either to eternity with the Father, or eternal separation from God.

The religious world says stop it, we are supposed to think on these things – goodness, kindness, and peace. You are making people react in fear! I am not making people do anything. Fear is a reaction of choice. God has called to react, but only do it with the one tool that has an impact, PRAY!

Decide this moment to do something about it, and PRAY. Pray that the enemy is withheld until your voice is no longer here to pray. Declare that this nation holds itself together until the church is snatched out of here. And pray for those who will be left behind. They are choosing to be blind, and reality will slap them hard in the face. I fear for them.

You can choose not to believe if you wish. Check out the web page, maybe then you will think differently.

FEMA Camp Locations in America | FEMA Camps | Prison Camps | Executive Orders | Martial Law | Rex 84 | ALTNEWS.INFO.

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1 Response to FEMA in America – You need to be paying attention!

  1. Paul says:

    The Lord bless you my brother… I take your point my dear friend.May I share this to encourage you. One day, I was so concerned about the junk in God’s world. I turned to the psalms and read “Our God laughs at his enemies he shall have them in derision (Psalm 2:1-4) The word threw me. I was more concerned than God about his world… He laughs and I was stressed! I knew I was wrong and he was right. I thought, It’s his world and has it under control. From that time on my heart changed and for the better.


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