Beach Turns Blood Red, Swimmers Flee | ABC News Blogs – Yahoo!

I recently received a blog implying that we could already be experiencing aspects of the Revelation. Now here again is evidence along that same vein, and I found it on tonight’s Yahoo news.

Sure it’s an algae bloom but it sure looks like blood and the effects of an algae include oxygen deprivation much like the red tides we experience off the Southern California coast. Deprived of oxygen, fish die as well as other things. Expand the range and intensity and the damage is devastating.

This also evokes you to think, is the blood aspect literal? Just watch the moon or sun shine through a smoggy sunset sky and it too will appear to be blood. Just saying, I believe the end is closer than we want to admit.

Beach Turns Blood Red, Swimmers Flee | ABC News Blogs – Yahoo!.

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