The Lord began to awaken me with – tell them that I need them to stand down

This is more important and vital today.

A voice in the wilderness

The observant will notice that I dated this post in February of 2015. This was the beginning of the push to elect another President for the United States and Senator Hillary Clinton looked like she could be the one to take this nation of sheep into Socialism.  Having just edited and reblogged another post called, “An Open Letter to the Church” I ran across this and thought, this is more vital today than yesterday.

Sunday morning, February 22, 2015, the Spirit of the Lord began to awaken me with some rather vivid dreams. In these dreams he said, there are mighty and upright men that are willing and able to remove the corruption that controls these United States. Implore them that they are to stand down, for this situation is of my design and for my purpose. Over the course of an hour, the same dream kept coming back…

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1 Response to The Lord began to awaken me with – tell them that I need them to stand down

  1. gaustin00 says:

    Not sure what is ahead but trusting God each step of the way.


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