To those that live by the letter of the law, that means nothing! John 1:14

Tuesday Bible Bites

Is was not that long ago that my fiancee’s mom died. Fortunately, she had a living trust put in place, and with only two siblings it was to be a clean 50/50 split. Being the novice that I am, I assumed that everything would go just peachy; it did not, and the brother quickly demanded the sale of the house so that he could get his half. I don’t know what motivated him; I can speculate but that rarely produces any positive outcome on my part, so I stay out of that realm as much as possible. I just know that with my fiancee as the “executor,” she had little power. The position primarily it forced her and me to work fast. We had to work quickly for two reasons:

  1. There are time frames you must work within. The time frames are liberal enough, but anything with stress added can…

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