What does it mean to say Merry Christmas?

Yes, I reread my own post. In truth, I write because I feel I have something to say to myself. It stuff like Mr. Silver Thread, and if you work down to it, the meaning of Christmas.

A voice in the wilderness

My days off are split but I am learning to live with it. I suppose that means no overnight trips into the desert to view the night sky, something I have not seen in over thirty years. But it would be good to have some recovery time for the feet. Oh well. I try to get as many things done in my one as possible, like laundry and early morning bible study. It is about the only day that I have time to sit at the keyboard and input based upon my previous thoughts I have written in my notepad.


The day starts with another deadly tragedy, but after praying for the survivors and their families, life goes on.

Sitting at lunch we watched a man walk by the window. He was a little bent over but I attributed that to his age. The oddity to me was that…

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